Easy Access Account

The Easy Access Account is a deposit account designed for regular savers. Cash withdrawals and deposits are made directly over the counter with no limit. The account holder is given an ATM card for cash withdrawals or can opt to have the deposits or withdrawal done over the counter.

What you will need

  • Age limit of 18 years and above..
  • 2 passport size photos in case the system is off
  • Valid identification documents.
  • Letter of introduction from either employer or local authorities
  • Initial deposit of UGX. 10,000/-
  • Bank statement/ power/ water bills.

How you will benefit

  • No charge on withdraws.
  • Free bank statement every month end
  • Can make payments through standing orders.
  • No interest given on this account
  • Use of POS machines to enable purchases at various points.
  • Ability to receive salary and TT`s
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