Rooted in Uganda, Top Finance Bank Uganda Ltd was registered on 14th June 2012 as a company limited by shares to provide financial services in Uganda. The Bank obtained License as a Deposit taking Financial Institution from Bank of Uganda on 8th September 2014, becoming a 4th Tier II Financial Institution in Uganda. Through Sophisticated Technology, Top Finance Bank (TFB) is committed to providing Innovative Financial solutions to the Ugandan Economy. Our business model is based on technological innovations. We are committed to deploying cutting-edge technological innovations in financial service delivery thereby staying ahead of the curve.
Through technological innovations, Top Finance Bank has been able to identify and offer four (4) major categories of financial products to the Ugandan market. These products are;

Credit products
Savings products
Money transfer products
Insurance products.

Under the Credit products offered by Top Finance Bank, two (2) products have been identified and tailored to meet the changing demands of the Uganda financial consumers. These two products are;
(i) Retail Facilities
(ii) Commercial Facilities (Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SME) Loans)
(iii) Corporate Facilities.

Top Finance Bank offers a range of Small and Medium Scale Loans which are Business Loans, Trade Financing Loans, Real Estate Loans, Construction Loans, Asset Financing Loans only to mention but a few. The consumer loans offered include Secured Salary Loans, Un Secured Salary Loans, School fees Loans, Staff Salary Loans, Staff Mortgage Loans only to mention but a few.
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