Salary Loan

These are Loans offered to Salaried Employees of Public Service and reputable organizations and / or companies whose mode of salary payment is through monthly remittance of net salary by the employer to the borrower's salary account held at Top Finance Bank. The loan can be used to finance consumer needs like payment of medical bills, payment of household utility bills, and purchase of land, purchase of household furniture and equipment, and financing any other domestic need.

What you will need

  • Applicants must have a salary account with Top Finance Bank.
  • Indemnity/undertaking from the Employer confirming that the employee’s salary will continue to be channeled through Top Finance Bank
  • Loan period should fit the employment terms.
  • Deposit of original copies of salary pay slips for two months prior application.
  • The loan must have security provided to Top Finance Bank.
  • Minimum of at least one net salary remittances made to account prior to application.
  • Financial card

How you will benefit

  • Fast processing speed.
  • Loan finances numerous needs desired by the applicants.
  • Manageable loan installments whose amounts are based on 50% of the borrower's net salary.
  • Attractive interest charged.
  • Interest charged on declining balance.
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