Are you in the process of contracting and suddenly you cannot proceed due to unforeseen circumstances; the Contract Financing is the solution. Contract Financing targets those in Tender business and general contracting as a business or individuals. It is meant to cover sudden monetary short falls that may occur during the contracting process.
What you will need
• Possession of Easy access account with Top Finance Bank.
• Bank statement as proof of regular incomes
• Land collateral as primary security.
• Good credit record for applicants with borrowing history.
• Land evaluation report
• Financial card
• Evaluation report for the land taken as security
• Personal guarantees, or corporate
• Documents relating to the award of the tender and signed contracts
How you will benefit
• Loan interest charged on a declining balance.
• Repayment period of up to 60 months•
• Flexible repayments aligned to the borrowers cash flow
• Attractive interest charged.
• Contract Financing is easily accessible with high processing speed.
Attractive interest Flexible payment plan

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