This product is a reliable, timely and affordable solution to deliver comfort while trading. With a flexible collateral arrangement it guarantees a hustle free business across borders.


Short turnaround time
Flexible payment terms with ability to pay off sooner and a revolving line of credit
Greater amount of credit due to stock control
Negotiating discounts from suppliers in purchasing greater volumes of goods
Revolving loan limit of 12 months, with a three month expiry limit for each draw down.


Trader with a track record of 2 years who have operated a Business bank Account for at least 6 months
URA Tax Assessment form in client Name
Evidence of ownership of Good – Importation Documents in client names
Bills of Lading
Packing List


  1. Features
  2. Arrangement fees of 6%
  3. Interest at prime plus 3% annually
  4. Maximum tenor 3 months( Excess period will call for extra arrangement fees)
  5. Minimum loan amount of UGX 30m
  6. Goods to be stored and managed at Banks stores.

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