This is a saving account designed for determined savers with limited “over the counter” cash withdrawals to 4 times a year but with unlimited deposits.  Being a saving account, it has no ATM card.


  1. Low minimum opening balance of 100,000 Ugx
  2. Attractive Interest rates of up to 8%
  3. Unlimited deposits
  4. Free withdrawals for the structured 3 times in a year
  5. Unlimited free deposits on to account
  6. Free bank statement every month end
  7. Appealing to employees, students, small business people, social groups that are determined to earn on their savings.
  8. Encourages saving
  9. Joint savings account is allowed.
  10. Interest is accrued on outstanding balances at the end of the month but paid at the end of the year
  11. Account can be used to access credit facilities.
  12. Can be used to access mobile Banking services.

How you will benefit

  1. Requirements
  2. Age limit of 18 years and above.
  3. 2 passport size photos.
  4. Valid identification documents (National ID for Ugandan citizens).
  5. Minimum opening and maintenance Balance of Ugx. 100,000
  6. Signed Key Facts Documents

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Frequently asked Questions

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