Students Account is meant for students. It offers flexibility for students who want unlimited access to their funds. Parents who also want their children to learn the art of financial discipline can opt for this product for their children. Students are given a card for this account which can enable them use Top Finance Bank’s Point Of Sale Devices (POS)

What you will need

  • Duly complete application form.
  • Initial deposit requirement of UGX .10,000
  • Student I.D
  • Letter of recommendation from school addressed to the Manager Top Finance bank
  • 2 recent Passport size photos
  • Bi weekly withdraw limit.


  • Shopping using POS out lets.
  • No monthly charges
  • Interest for deposits above UGX .500,000
  • Direct drafts for school fees

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As holders of Chartered status, the ultimate symbol of trust and professional standing.

Frequently asked Questions

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